“I’m part of the Kamilaroi Tribe…
This is my story I was born in Gunnedah NSW in 1970 ..
I was born with a serve congenital dissolution of the hips,Which i  had countless operations to help me walk,
Now I’m in my 40’s & haven 3 hip replacements & 1 was a faulty one  from Johnson & Johnson which has poisoned my whole body & brain & now I have a traumatic brain injury which has cause me to have failing vision.
I can see but I don’t know what I’m seeing, Some time its a little hard, But what can you do,
You suck it up & get on with it & enjoy every day like it’s your last..
I spend some of my time in a wheelchair when I struggle to walk, I try my best not to use it all the time because I don’t want my disability beat me..
When you give in to the pain & sadness, You get lost with in it & its hard to see the sunshine on a bright summers day.
You smile & be brave & say hey look we cant fix the problem we can make do with the situation now.
I’m a full time free lance Photographer & I work for two papers & I will be doing a Exhibit of our Aboriginal Elders of the North west community. Which I’m very proud of..
I think keeping our stories alive, So our next Generation will never loose our tradition..
Our Elders are are our life line..
People ask me how can a person with vision problems & can’t hardly walk Be a photographer  & I tell them..
Beauty is with in the smallest thing you see & Beauty is a child smiling & a butterfly drifting by..
I still see rainbows & the stars shining bright at night, Because I see them within my 8yr old Daughter Vienna Rose,
When she tells me stories…
So  being lost with in my head & not understanding what I see, I still have memories & if I try hard I can make any thing possible, To get that perfect photo’
Having a Disability dosn’t stop you.. It empowers you…
So please don’t give up..
Please see with in your heart that you a Champion…”

– Fiona Sing