“Red square receives the yellow, then green; colors compress themselves together and form a permanent Tröð color planes as they pick their trust to each other. Next image can not be identical. Green square now receives a yellow core and within it is still one color surface, as seen through a window or door port; rule and formalism are still disrupted. And the next picture can not have been the same, even reducing forms, square conductors are still here, but with added diagonals and diamonds that frame decorative color surfaces and all will be one of the hosts symphony vibrant color and form; as Icelandic lessons covered berries in the autumn or brúðarklæði from the East.And yet minimize forms and color surfaces until only one color in each cross and formalize disappeared, the colors dance and squirm full of happiness and a sense of freedom and citing the unrestricted expression that springs forth from the imagination.”

– Guðrún Bergsdóttir


Gudrun Bergsdóttir born 27 July 1970. The first years at school, she Lækjarskóli, a grade and Víðistaðaskóli in Hafnarfirði but later attended the Öskjuhlíðarskóli stood for 7 years. She has attended numerous courses in Adult Disabled, now crowded, including textile and sewing vélsaumi. Stitched item she makes are different from what she did in school; where she sewed out áteiknað patterns but now comes the inspiration entirely from her own imagination and the product is fabricated interchangeably. It was in 2000 that Gudrun began independent foot with a needle and thread paths straight útsaumsstrammans, but followed a little cautious at first regularity of the oven base, but with its own layer. It is interesting to see the development that has occurred in the six years since she started this leisure time. Today also it absolutely free improvisation dance; only limit is the size of the canvas by the imagination Gudrun covering expanses.

Before Gudrun began to stitch out she had painted markers images having the same characteristics; strong colors and a little inextricably linked form with a complete and spontaneous composition, the school in the artists could envy it off.

She has worked in the past decade Ási studio, which is protected workplace on behalf of the Organisation vangefinna, and recent summers also in the greenhouse in Bjarkarási part of the day. She start of their interests well in both places, as there are great mentors who manages to make the working environment safe and inspiring. Gudrun still living with their parents; her parents are Sigríður Skaftfell and Berg Þorleifsson.


Sigríður Skaftfell