Awaken Artwork is base on the Australia outback at 5:00 o’clock in the morning, when Sky and Earth are at a pure state. You can here all kind of Australia Birds singing, the Insects from the background, Fish come to the surface for Air and food, sound of the wind, and the peoples are starting awake, that is a symphony from Heaven.

Buddha is teaching that all human being are immersing in a scaricare. ( craving) Greed, Hatred,Delusion. Therefore the suffering comes from wandering in Samsara.

Base on Lao Tzu philosophy about Yin and Yang. I have discoved the way to apply for my Artworks.

The Zen Brush stroke represent for stillness ( Yang)
The dot and marks represent for silence ( Yin).

Zen Callgraphy in particular must spring from true thought is state of full concentration that is devoid of thoughts and ideas, while free flowing continuity creatness in brush work can not be achived throught conscious effort it is only achived throught the state of no mind and continuos state free of the thoughts and ideas that distract the mind.