‘Rex Japanangka Granites is a Senior Warlpiri man from the Western Desert and a custodian for Mina Mina Dreaming and an ordained Pastor. He speaks Warlpiri and English and has extensive experience interpreting and translating. His work as a mentor is in high demand as he seeks to resolve the social conflicts, which beset many communities. He’s an award-winning artist and recently received an ANU scholarship to engage in postgraduate studies. This builds on his Bachelor of Education from Deakin University. He is working with the University of Sydney to document his interpretation of the connection between the Indigenous lore and Christian faith. Rex’s remarkable breadth of experience includes being a representative for ATSIC, several years as Chairman for the Central Lands Council, and as a Teaching Chairperson for the World Council of Indigenous People. Rex is a strong advocate for access to country and access to bush food, which is part of the physical and spiritual healing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today. He is engaged in these activities to reduce the amount of illness and disability in his community. Rex is a close friend and colleague of mine.’



Dr. Steve Bevis met Rex through a longterm commitment to assisting Aboriginal churches to be involved in community development strategies and projects. Rex also has a long connection with the Department of Studies in Religion at the University of Sydney where Steve has taught and continues to carry out research. They share a passion for enabling Aboriginal voices to be heard in non-Indigenous Australia and for encouraging friendships that will build a better country for all. Professor Steve Bevis is a researcher, writer, community development practitioner, musician, and UCA Chaplain at the University of Newcastle in NSW. Steve worked as an educator for TEAR Australia

for 13 years, travelling widely to document responses to poverty and injustice.